Video captures weather announcement made minutes before stage collapse

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Many people are still asking if enough was done to warn fans about the approaching storm at the Indiana State Fair last Saturday.

One concert attendee captured the announcement to the crowd about the weather, moments before the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand collapsed.? The video provides chilling insight into what was happening just before the collapse and it is raising more questions Wednesday, as Indiana State Fair officials recount their actions the night disaster struck, killing five people.

“As you can see to the west there are some clouds,” said the announcer in the video. “We’re hoping for the best that the weather is going to bypass us. But there’s a good chance it won’t.”

The cell phone video of the announcement captures the moments before disaster struck the Indiana State Fair stage.

Other than the menacing sky overhead, the announcement was the only warning the crowd would ever get of the storm bearing down on them.

The announcement finishes with words that have a chilling ring.

“So please, get ready, because in just a couple minutes, we’re going to try and get Sugarland on stage. Have a great show.”

Fair officials say that announcement was made to the crowd at 8:45 p.m.

The stage collapsed just four minutes later.

Governor Daniels warned people not to jump to conclusions.

“Before we start with any witch hunts, let’s gather all the facts,” said Gov. Daniels. “Let’s realize these were extraordinary circumstances going on meteorologically and otherwise.”

State Fair officials say their investigation will cover questions on when the crowd should have been evacuated.

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